Top 5 Water Rides At Noah’s Ark For You To Enjoy

Top 5 Water Rides At Noah’s Ark For You To Enjoy

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Want to take your friends and family to a cool place when the summer heat becomes intolerable?
Wisconsin Dells has the largest concentration of water parks in the world. There are more than twenty indoor and outdoor water parks and they hold a combined total of 16 million gallons of water. The Dells is also home to America’s largest waterpark, Noah’s Ark. Visitors can plummet down huge drops on inflatable inner tubes, zip around high-speed turns on thrilling water slides, and lay back in gentle rivers and pools all while spending time with loved ones.
Here are the top 5 water rides at Noah’s Ark for you and your family to enjoy:

At over 1/4-mile long, Black Anaconda is America’s Most Thrilling Water coaster—a diabolical combination of water slide and rollercoaster. Stare pure terror in the eye before Black Anaconda swallows you whole, sending you spiraling down at 30 miles per hour. Then defy gravity as rushing waters push you up the creature’s six humps and wrap you up in its dark coils.

A ride your whole group or family can go on together-Embark on Dark Voyage. Set off on a 4-person raft into total darkness to encounter the twisting, turning, mammoth rapids and other surprises within. Don’t be afraid to scream all you want – No one will see you!

By the time you realize what you’re really in for, it’s already too late. The Point of No Return offers a jaw-dropping, hair-raising, nearly-vertical plunge that literally blurs the line between “thrill” and “pure terror”. Yeah, it’s that good.

Ten stories high, 400-feet long, and initial drop that sends you plummeting down at more than 50-feet per second. America’s first nearly vertical waterslide loop… Meet the Scorpion’s Tail.

Are you prepared to slide through the portal into the World’s Largest Bowl Ride? Time Warp is the thrilling water ride that throws time for a loop. Wave goodbye to the present as your 4-person raft sets off into the Great Unknown, then plunges into the warp at hyper-speed and takes a wild spin through time and space.

Noah’s Ark is the number one spot in Wisconsin Dells with over 50 rides and attractions.
You’ll never run out of things to do at this 70-acre park with five million gallons of water and three miles of water slides. Ready to soak up the sun this summer? Every Flamingo Motel guest receives one free ticket to Noah’s Ark for each night they stay in a room or suite!

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