Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Exercise

Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Exercise

by Dr. Paula Brusky[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”15888464″]

Have you ever wondered why pole fitness is becoming so popular?
With more than 700 pole studios open around the country, pole exercise has become the fastest growing sport and fitness craze for women (and some men)! Pole exercise is particularly beneficial for strength training because not only are you using your body weight as resistance, you are also combating gravity and centrifugal force.
Common benefits of pole exercise include:
– Burning fat and improving coordination
– Increasing core activation and strength
– Gaining confidence and improving self esteem
– Alleviating stress and improving quality of life
– Producing a strong body that is visually “lean” (not bulky)
– Stabilizing muscles and increasing strength of all muscle groups
– Sculpting the entire body especially the arms, stomach, and legs
– Increasing bone density to reduce your risk of osteoporosis
– Making new friends with the other fabulous women
Every move in pole engages the entire body.
This is one of the reasons that most people who practice pole believe it is the ultimate workout. Many moves in pole are performed on a pole that actually spins, so gravity tries to pull the dancer down while she engages her back and arm muscles to stay aloft. At the same time the dancer must battle centrifugal force using a strong grip, a stabilizing push or pull to counteract, and engagement of the entire core.
There are three big reasons I became addicted to pole exercise since the first time in 2007:
I feel like a kid on the playground. Yes, I am working out but more than anything I am playing! This keeps me happy.

As I work to improve, there is a whole new level of awesome gravity defying tricks to come. This keeps me interested.

At my studio, Aerial Dance in Appleton, our Beginner students see improvements in their strength often by the third or fourth week. A move that was introduced in week one and seemed unattainable is executed with proper form by week eight and brings a huge sense of accomplishment. This keeps me motivated.

Pole recruits people who are excited by growth and challenge.
Pole is serious exercise the helps improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and self esteem. Pole is about self expression and self awareness. Pole is about investing in YOU! This is why you should try Pole Fitness.

Author Biography: Dr. Paula Brusky is the owner of Aerial Dance Pole Exercise in Appleton which brought pole fitness to the Fox Cities in 2010 and aerial hammocks, silks, and hoop in 2014. Their curriculum is designed to safely build strength while having fun! All their instructors hold multiple nationally-accredited fitness certifications with emphasis on aerial instruction. They study injury prevention techniques and participate weekly in on-going training. You may email Paula directly at or call (920) 750-1441 with any questions. Make sure to use the coupon below to get an eight week pole course for only $160!

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