How To Choose The Right Senior Living Option

How To Choose The Right Senior Living Option

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Changing homes is difficult to do at any stage in life.
For seniors and their families, the search to find a safe and loving environment can be especially overwhelming. There are over 31,000 assisted living communities in the United States. That number easily doubles when you start to add in the other types of senior living communities. With so many amenities, services, and possibilities to choose from, how do you navigate the seemingly endless maze of senior living communities? The most important part of the process is getting all of the information you need. Whether your needs are immediate or long-term, the first step to finding the perfect living situation for you or your loved one is to decide what type of residential care facility is the best fit.
There are five main types of residential care facilities:
Independent living facilities – This option is best for active adults who want built-in community without giving up their privacy. Most feature studio or multi-bedroom apartments with kitchens so residents can stay independent as long as possible.

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) – This option is best for those seeking a continuum of care from independent living to skilled nursing, all in one location. CCRCs generally have studio or multi-bedroom apartments for their most independent residents and private or shared rooms for residents who need more care.

Assisted living facilities – This option is best for those who need some care and supervision but who don’t need skilled nursing care. Most assisted living residents live in private or semi-private rooms within a complex.

Board and care facilities – This option is best for those who can’t live independently due to physical or mental disabilities but who don’t require full-time skilled nursing care. They feature private or semi-private rooms in a complex (often a large home) that usually provides communal dining.

Skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) – This option is best for those with illnesses or mental conditions requiring full-time monitoring and medical care. Most skilled nursing residents live in semi-private rooms and meals are generally provided.

Making the right choice involves focusing on three important issues:
Quality of life – It’s difficult to define quality of life as we age and how that quality of life might be fulfilled in a senior living community. Set your own goals and expectations as you search for a senior living community. Favorable expected outcomes frequently mentioned by seniors and their families include comfort, peace of mind, affordability, quality of care, socialization, optimized independence, and individual recognition.

Standards of care – In seeking a residence, pay particular attention to clinical procedures and technological innovations that are used daily in the community. You also want to be sure that staffing levels are consistent with high standards. How will the staff respond if you or your loved one has a medical emergency? How will they monitor and deal with the possibility that you or your loved one’s condition may change? On average, about how many minutes per day does a resident receive direct, hands-on assistance? Family members should get answers to these questions.

Cost and value – Senior living is a value-enhanced and service-enriched offering. It may appear expensive but with the variety of options available and a careful look at true living expenses, you may be less sensitive to price. Put costs in perspective by first objectively evaluating you or your loved one’s current cost of living. You may be surprised to find that the assisted living option is less expensive than your current cost of living. This can be especially true when you consider expenses like real estate taxes, home maintenance, and insurance, along with the comprehensive services that are all provided by a senior living residence.

Later life transitions are especially emotional and stressful for many families.
As a free service, Oasis Senior Advisors, makes finding your next oasis a breeze. Their dedicated and compassionate Senior Living Advisors have extensive knowledge about senior living options in your area and will personally work with you and your loved ones to find the ‘right place.’ They personally meet with you to discuss your needs from lifestyle to budget. Your Advisor then will select matches based on your unique needs and provide you with additional information. Once options have been narrowed down your Advisor can schedule and accompany you on tours making sure all of your questions are answered. Let the experts at Oasis Senior Advisors help take the stress off your shoulders and comfort you during this difficult time.

Oasis Senior Advisors

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