18 Ways To Celebrate National Golf Month

18 Ways to Celebrate National Golf Month

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Did you know that May is National Golf Month?

This month is dedicated to all the people who enjoy golf. The number of golf courses worldwide have grown from 387 to 32,000+ in a span of 125 years. Up until about 1848, golf balls were made of really thin leather stuffed with tightly-packed feathers. We’ve come a long way since then so here is an infographic highlighting 18 ways you can celebrate the wonderful game of golf!

1. Hit the Range
You’re in for a long month. Get to the driving range and work out the kinks!

2. Plan a Trip
There is nothing better than a golf trip. Plan one with your buddies.

3. Get a USGA Handicap
Why not get into competitive golf? You’ll need an index through your club or state association.

4. Play for Something
Give yourself a little pressure by putting something on the line – maybe drinks or dinner.

5. Take a Lesson
We’re no all “coachable,” but having a pro diagnose your game could do wonders.

6. Play a Par-3 Course
You can improve quite a bit by focusing only on wedges and mid-irons for a day.

7. Play with Your Kids
The memories made with your children on the course will last a lifetime.

8. Splurge
Get out and play somewhere you typically wouldn’t and spend more than $100.

9. Get the First Tee Time
There’s just something about the dew and waiting only on the grounds crew to hit your next shot.

10. Play in a Charity Tournament
You’re going to spend money anyways, so make sure it’s going somewhere great!

11. Play 36
Get out early, have lunch and get back at it. You’ll always remember the day you played 36 holes.

12. Walk
It’s the way golf was meant to be. If you’re typically a rider, walk nine holes at least.

13. Go for It
Take the big dog out and let him eat on all Par-4s and 5s today.

14. Play it Safe
Normally wild off the tee? Slow things down and see how it impacts your game.

15. Tech Up
Download the latest apps to improve your game.

16. Keep Stats
Your score isn’t the only number that matters. Keep track of how many fairways and greens you hit.

17. Make a Bucket List
Put a golf course bucket list together. Start with St. Andrews, Pinehurst and Pebble Beach.

18. Clean Your Clubs
It’s been a long month of golf. Take care of your clubs with a brush tool and water.

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